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Somehow I managed to get a rib in my upper back slightly out of place last week, leaving me with something varying from a twinge in the shoulder during the day to stabby pain in my chest when breathing at night. My lovely osteopath crunched me back into shape this afternoon (thumpy manipulations on the thoracic ribs, two twist my head off manipulations putting movement through four different cervical vertebrae and some gentler than usual lumbar manipulations to fix the 1/8th" difference in leg length as my hip joint was just starting to slip). He also put my clothes on the Aga to dry during the session as I got utterly soaked when the heavens opened halfway there.

He has a spiffy massage table that can not only do traction while he uses a TENS machine to work the spasm out of the muscles around my shoulder but also takes much of the impact of the thumpy manipulations, which means I don't have the breath squashed out of me so much and he can get much more done in one session because he doesn't have to work so hard. I'm extra glad of that because he had such a bad heart attack last year he had a defibrillator implanted and I've been seeing his locum since then. He's been doing a lot of exercise to get into shape and we were chatting about the heart rate monitor chest strap he had on last time I saw him, so I was showing him my Fitbit and telling him about the various tracking devices I'd been writing about.

It turns out his defibrillator phones home; he had to agree to have his data aggregated for research and in return every week he plugs in the upload unit to the phone line and it posts readings to the server in Brussels, which contacts the team at Hammersmith hospital if the data shows any issues. He still has an annual checkup on the defibrillator but this will catch something that could otherwise be unknown for months. Very cool to see personal medical tracking is actually happening ;-)


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18th Jul, 2011 23:40 (UTC)
Ow. Sorry to hear about the rib.

Your osteopath sounds very groovy. I'm glad he's helping you. I hope you recover soon.
19th Jul, 2011 16:47 (UTC)
he's brilliant, for a sadist (he makes a lot of jokes about enjoying the shrieks as he does manipulations, but my favourite is the way he says 'relax' before every manipulation. he treats the builders from a local form, many of whom are Polish and started to use 'relax' as a swear word ;-)

I did wake up at 4.50am again with muscle spasm even though I was sleeping on my back as he suggested and this is No Fun and I'd like it to Stop Now...
19th Jul, 2011 20:24 (UTC)
LOL @ your osteopath/psychopath. ;^)

That aside, muscle spasms, OW. Sorry to hear that. I hope you're in more comfort now, and that you make a swift recovery.
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