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I like all the component parts

but not ratatouille itself... but I like this (though I wouldn't salt the aubergines, I'm sure they don't need it)

Ratatouille by Douglas Dunn

Consider please this dish of ratatouille.
Neither will it invade Afghanistan
Or boycott the Olympic Games in a huff.
It likes the paintings of Raoul Dufy.
It feeds the playboy and the working-man.
It has no enemies, no, no even
/Salade Niçoise/ or phoney recipes,
Not Leonard Brezhnev, no, not Ronald Reagan.
It is the fruits of the earth, this ratatouille,
And it has many friends, including me.
Come, lovers of ratatouille, and unite.

It is a sort of dream, which coincides
With the pacific relaxations called
Preferred Reality. Men who forget
Lovingly chopped-up cloves of /ail/, who scorn
The job of slicing two good peppers thinly,
Then two large onions and six aubergines -
Those long, impassioned and imperial purples -
Which, with six courgettes, you sift with salt
And cover with a plate for one round hour;
Or men who do care to know about
The eight ripe /pommes d'amour/ their wives have need of,
Preparing ratatouille, who give no thought to
The cup of olive oil that's heated in
Their heaviest pan, or onions, fried with garlic
For five observant minutes, before they add
Aubergines, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes;
Or men who give no thought to what their wives
Are thinking as they stand besides their stoves
When seasoning is sprinkled on, before
A /bouquet garni/ is dropped in - these men
Invade Afghanistan, boycott the Games,
Call off their fixtures and prepare for war.

Cook for one hour, and then serve hot or cold
Eat it, for preference, under the sun,
But, if you are Northern, you may eat
Your ratatouille imagining Provence.
Believe me, it goes well with everything,
As love does, as peace does, as summers do
Or any other season, as a lifetime does.
Acquire, then, for yourselves, ingredients;
Prepare this stew of love, and ask for more.
Quick, before it is too late. /Bon appétit!/


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6th Sep, 2003 12:01 (UTC)
What a fantastic poem.

6th Sep, 2003 14:20 (UTC)
lets unite as lovers of the component parts then!
7th Sep, 2003 13:35 (UTC)
. you get my first post France comment.

Provencal cookbooks badly translated into En-er-land describe ratouille as "unconventional vegetable stew."

What is conventional veg stew then do you think?
7th Sep, 2003 14:24 (UTC)
Yes they do.
8th Sep, 2003 01:48 (UTC)
That's beautiful.

The salt's supposed to remove the bitterness. I'm sure you're meant to rinse it off. But you probably knew that.
8th Sep, 2003 04:28 (UTC)
the only bitter aubergines I've ever met have been undercooked; I've never salted an aubergine myself (life's too short) and mine are never bitter. I think that with today's varieties you don't need to (I don't peel potatoes for mashing either but that's because I *like* the little bits of skin in the mash as well as for health and speed)
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