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Complementary colours the easy way

when I work with crafts I can get the mosaic tiles or the beads or the balls of wool and lay them out together to find a good colour combination; if I can't see the colours together, without other colours in between I find it hard to see what goes together. That's why I find colour swatch palettes and colour picker palettes a really hard way to get colour inspiration and why I like software that shows a limited number of colours together (either a 'theme' or the current document colours). Even better is the Color Schemer Web page; you give it a colour and it shows you a four by four swatch of complementary and contrasting colours that look good together, so you can find the right blue to go with the right green. You still get to pick what you want and you can go for progressively darker or lighter schemes (the base colour changes too). Nifty - and the source of my New Blue ;-)
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