Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Flying from San Francisco to London

We had a nice view of downtown San Francisco taking off on Sunday - just a few fluffy clouds shading the last of the Pride revellers - and we were in a hold over London for a while before we landed, so I got some nice shots. The Sacramento delta looked very full - not as many fractals as usual in the marshes - and while the snow on the Sierras near Tahoe is definitely melting at last, there's still a lot of it (and the more northerly route we flew back from Detroit had much, much deeper snowpack: there's a lot of water up there waiting to come down).

In case the embedding above doesn't work, this is a slideshow of the snaps I took on the flight home; fast forward across the Atlantic. Serve with champagne, baby lobster salad, chicken in smoked bacon with flageolet beans, cheese and a big mug of earl grey in a comfy recliner for the full effect...
Tags: photo, travel
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