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New software toys

Have finally got around to tweaking my LJ style to get the smartphone-friendly friends page and the handy list of links on the main LJ page that I've been meaning to do. If it looks a little familiar, that's because that nice sbisson let me start from his style as a shortcut. I'm still playing with the colours; the green at the side doesn't really go with the grey-green at the top. And rather than trying to copy colours by hand from my old style to his or using an online colour cube, I copied the HTML into (hiss! spit!) FrontPage 2003

I like the split view that shows me code and preview in the same window, linked so I can see the code for the bit of page I just clicked on. I like the colour dropdown which not only shows me the colours I've already used in the document but also uses the larger area of the dropdown in the dialog box to show me more of the colour swatch I hover the mouse over, because 20 pixels by 100 pixels of a colour can look very different from 5 pixels by 5 pixels of the same colour; and I like the colour picker which lets me use the eyedropper with anything on screen. Simple things that make things quicker; not always what you get with MS software ;-)

I'm also trying out a sidebar that's supposed to look like Longhorn; it puts my Outlook calendar, system details, the media player controls, a command line, the quick launch bar - and a set of headlines, all down the side of the screen. It can snarf headlines off Web pages or consume RSS so I might finally get around to reading the RSS feeds I keep coming across. But it might be too resource-intensive and distracting; I'm planning to spend a little less time in front of the screen and a little more time down at the gym/out in the park/taking day trips/painting the loft/in, as we used to say in alt.callahans, RL

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