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  • Wed, 16:31: What's in Mango for business users (and IT admins) #wp7 #zdnetuk security and productivity promises
  • Wed, 16:37: Technology doesn't make jobs: that's not what it's for. it reduces costs, increases productivity, increases opportunity #fire11
  • Wed, 16:49: Justin Rattner of Intel thinks tech is enough to fast boot PCs; I agree with Mark Anderson on need to fight off intrusive processes #fire11
  • Wed, 17:19: in 23 years we've lost 17% of polar ice surface area in summer melt and maybe 35% of ice thickness, 1,000 cubic ice km/year ;-( #fire11
  • Wed, 18:53: a content creator tells the content industry they're doing it wrong, stop being smug and repressive
  • Wed, 19:03: now that Flash, browsers actually use GPU, graphics drivers going to have to get a lot better (&easier to update)
  • Wed, 19:26: now that Flash, browsers actually use GPU, graphics drivers going to have to get a lot better (&easier to update)
  • Wed, 21:18: iBAHN asks 'Why should producer choose which of 5 cameras u shld watch?' Um because I want them to do the work of choosing good bits #fire11
  • Wed, 21:30: love the phrase; Ty Carlson of Microsoft on bandwidth and limitation of spectrum it's not 4G it's fauxG #fire11
  • Wed, 21:55: actually, plethora means not just many but too many #whyyesiamapedant #fire11
  • Wed, 22:39: wait, was that a pun? physicists working on photonics solder on? #fire11
  • Wed, 22:57: excellent point; stop talking about climate change/CO2; talk about very visible air pollution issues that have socialwill for change #fire11
  • Wed, 22:58: MIT sensor for atmospheric pollution took 6weeks to capture measurable ample in Boston was clogged by particles in 2hours in Beijing #fire11
  • Thu, 03:31: Documentaries are becoming the home of investigative reporting but 100k people might be max audience #toosmalltosnowball #fire11
  • Thu, 03:40: Documentaries can also be part of movements for social change but if film steps from reporting to proselytizing that feels different #fire11
  • Thu, 05:15: @thelastmountain enormously powerful documentary on polluting coal mining impact in Appalachia vs wind energy &undermining air water laws
  • Thu, 05:17: See trailer for the Last Mountain at and break your heart over coal pollution #fire11
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