Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Thu, 19:50: RT @elmorse: I'll make you a deal: if you're wrong on the Rapture, we get gay marriage.
  • Thu, 20:52: groan: I coughed so hard yesterday I put my hip out, am still wincing and limping today. wished I'd packed my folding cane and codeine
  • Thu, 23:05: wow, the cane @sbisson has picked up for me has a security tag it takes a strong man two minutes to remove
  • Fri, 00:20: no Clippy? RT @ShawnWildermuth Microsoft Bob on CodePlex end of July! Open Source Desktop baby! #rumormill #msteched #noitsnottruebutfunny
  • Fri, 00:26: amused to find Salesforce conference starting the in the basement of our #msteched hotel today (by the pool!)
  • Fri, 04:29: still boggling at the size of the whale sharks and how much the sea anemones look like goth christmas decorations (or the UF dust puppy)
  • Fri, 06:08: yay!; the update to YouSendIt WIndows client gives me back the progress pane that hadn't worked since IE9 came out
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