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all White now

well, not quite; our thanks to the Hero Decorators drplokta and dougs for coming out in Inhuman Conditions and helping us get the undercoat on in the bedroom and bathroom (well, apart from the ceiling *inside* the shower!). As usual, we'd rather over-catered (we never even got to the chocolate tart)... so if anyone feels like coming by next Sunday (17th) afternoon or evening to give us a hand, we'll still have the ginger beer for dark n stormies and a plentiful supply of painting puns. Mem to self: get an ice bucket to go with the paint bucket.

what: Carry On Painting
where: 51 Oakhill Road, Putney SW15
when: Sunday 17th August from 2pm
to follow: food, drink, thanks and cold showers ;-)

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