Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

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  • Thu, 19:23: we all have biases, blinkers, assumptions &worldviews; take them out, shake off the dust &check if they still fit right from tiime to time
  • Thu, 22:31: Oz suggests "a formal privacy industry to rethink identity management in an increasingly digital world": yes please
  • Fri, 03:16: if Google were planning an app using photos to out your personal details I bet they wouldn't announce it day of the FTC privacy oversight
  • Fri, 03:26: wait, 10% of new #wp7 apps don't come with a support contact? if that's right, that's bad news not good
  • Fri, 04:35: This might be the best comment I've ever had on one of my articles: PC power management and the traffic light problem
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