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8th Mar, 2011 13:11 (UTC)
The security article you link to on Forbes is too vague to even tell whether it is snake oil. You need to actually say something before your audience can decide whether it is BS or not.
8th Mar, 2011 13:14 (UTC)
I don't think the Forbes blog is actually giving security advice; it's saying that if ten practitioners of security give you eleven answers then how do you have any way of telling what's good practice and what's tin foil hats? A lot of the security industry is emperor's new clothes, or last year's T shirt sold as plate armour and for the vast majority of companies it's too hard, too confusing, too expensive and too hard to tell what's the right thing to do.
8th Mar, 2011 13:29 (UTC)
Thank you for the translation. Of course my standard answer is hire me and I'll sort it all out.
8th Mar, 2011 13:33 (UTC)
and at this point, I as a business judge you as a consultant on your reputation - and I have to do that for every security practitioner I come across; not all businesses are equipped to do that and perhaps they shouldn't have to be experts in finding security experts who are really doing the right thing. security might have to become more of a commodity before everyone gets the security they actually need.

In your case, it's utterly legitimate. But 'Trust me, I'm a doctor' works best when the reputation of doctors in general is - well, proven and reputable.
8th Mar, 2011 13:50 (UTC)
True. The main problem is security is usually though about too late. Well designed software should be resistant to misuse. I don't program but I think one of the best things happening in security right now is the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional https://www.isc2.org/csslp/default.aspx.

For a UK initiative then wwww.instisp.org is not a bad idea but I have not joined as yet.
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