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  • Mon, 12:33: Brave New (Virtual Desktop) World #zdnetuk
  • Mon, 15:17: #MWC is a *global* event; praising #wp7 features only available in the US (Bing voice search) is a bit of a fail; also, no new WP7 handsets?
  • Mon, 15:25: RT @mattleys: I've got a great idea for a Big Society. We each contribute according to our means and elect representatives to distribute ...
  • Mon, 15:45: I love the way #wp7 will open up Kinect gaming to people who don't actually want to get up and flail about...
  • Mon, 15:48: ummm, #BingMaps already uses base maps licened from Navteq-owned-by-Nokia; what does 'use broadly' mean beyond that?
  • Mon, 16:24: while I'm missing being at #MWC I'm not missing exhaustion, hunger, tired feet, crowds, overscheduling and ubiquitous obvious overnalysis
  • Mon, 18:01: finding it *too* easy to close tabs in #IE9 RC? Don't BMW, vote up the bug report on Connect
  • Tue, 09:09: RT @MITorres @Scobleizer If you're going to retweet HTML5 scores of current browsers, you should look to the W3C tests, not The Register ;)
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