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well, it would be a start

Apparently there was an event about blogging and politics at the House of Commons this week. Would I like my MP to have a blog? absolutely. Do I think it would change anything or make him more responsive? I doubt it!. I had a response to my complaint about the counting of ID card consultation responses from Beverly Hughes at the Home Office saying 1) that my contribution - sent via Stand - had been received and would be counted and 2) that all contributions via Stand would be treated like the poll on Teletext which (ya boo sucks!) was 2:1 in favour. This addressed precisely zero of the points I was making but does give me their sums and point of view...


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30th Jul, 2003 05:59 (UTC)
It's an interesting idea, but I dont think it would be realistic - or at least, not as a basic blog.

I dont put everything I do at work, or at home say, in my blog. This is partly because it would be boring (even to me), partly because e.g. pointing out a huge gaping flaw in software leads to a minefield of issues - legal and otherwise, and partly because it takes time for the real facts of a situation to emerge and be properly addressed.

If an MP's blog was akin to most other people's it might tell you more about the person, but precious little about politics.

An issue tracking system would be nice however - to be able to see what issues an MP is handling, what groups they work with would be very useful. Submitting comments would be nice, but they'd all need to be moderated for obvious reasons.

I cant see it happening any time soon, sadly.

Agreed re the ID card issue. I'm getting rather tired of the 'we know what's best for you' stance on that, and many other issues.
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