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My tweets

  • Tue, 13:43: My LinkedIn network: 2 large densely interconnected groups, a few identifiable groups, mostly 'lots of people I know i…http://lnkd.in/DtrXBg
  • Tue, 15:13: kudos to The Mountain for bringing back Marty Riemer but 1 no Jodie and 2 the afternoon show is too late for London listeners!
  • Tue, 15:21: ok @seesmic how can I see *who* has retweeted me in the Retweets column on Seesmic Web then? more useful than seeing my Klout every time
  • Tue, 15:24: I might not even read the page RT @edbott: If your site uses those fake double-underline ads disguised as URLs, I don't visit more than once
  • Tue, 16:14: Make your views known; tell your MP. Tweets are not enough! write to your MP via Save our Forests http://bit.ly/8Y41by #saveourforests
  • Tue, 18:34: the gloves are off in the Bing/Google discussion at #futuresearch
  • Tue, 18:44: Harry Shum; very drily phrased jabs; Matt Cutts, big swinging roundhouses. #futuresearch boxing round 2, ding ding...
  • Tue, 18:47: & a few blows coming in from Blekko, but v little in way of practical proposals for getting a search benchmark you can't game #futuresearch
  • Tue, 18:47: RT @MSFTNext: entertaining as this is, I would love this debate to me truly more about the future of search #FutureSearch
  • Tue, 19:04: suggestions about using reputation and authority for search ranking/spam removal remind me of the early days of blog search #futuresearch



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2nd Feb, 2011 07:39 (UTC)
Like your LinkedIn map! Went and got one of my own. NOT symmetrical!
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