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Our CES statistics - and articles

Miles walked:
Tuesday at CES is the opening day for press with only a couple of events and most of the mileage was walking around Aria to reach the conference centre, then around the Venetian and Mandalay Bay for different events. 3.3 miles
Wednesday is press day and we walk round and round the Venetian between press conferences, then over to the Hilton for the keynote, then back to the hotel to drive down to an evening event where we walk around a room of stands. 4 miles
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday are show days and we walk from the hotel to the LVCC, between the different halls, back to the hotel to drive to meetings at hotels on the other side of town, back from the hotel to the LVCC for more walking between the halls and then back to the hotel (some evenings we go to another mini show where we walk the room): 8 miles, 7 miles, 6 miles and 5 miles respectively.

Companies talked to: about 95. It's hard to count exactly, because there are some companies with talked with more than once - we had meetings with the Microsoft teams that work on Surface, the Touch Mouse, Windows Embedded and Windows 7/8, we spoke to Intel twice about second generation Core processors and once about AppUp - and we went to a few sessions and keynotes with multiple companies presenting and we had a few conversations where I didn't take notes (either because it wasn't an area we're likely to cover or we already have the product details), so this is my best guess.

Most interesting stories I wrote from CES:

Asus at CES: choice and innovation
Asus's transforming tablets
Asus shows off shape-changing concept tablets

What Windows 8 on SoC means

First take: NEC Cloud Communicator

Motion Computing CL900 hands on

The secret Windows tablets of CES

Hands on with Surface 2.0
Hands on with the PlayBook,review-1618.html
How Microsoft made the Touch Mouse

My last CES roundup: The hidden gems of CES 2011: Next-gen touch and health helpers
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