Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Do you need privacy in a professional social network?

Interesting blog on the way LinkedIn makes profile visits either anonymous and uncounted or named and tagged.

I wonder what difference the fact that LinkedIn is a professional rather than personal network makes? Would it be worth you revealing to an engineer at CompanyA that you'd visited their profile if it let you see that Mary the Journalist had looked at your profile? Facebook is making a lot of changes that place an implicitly higher value on friending someone on FB (without ever saying out loud 'only friend people you trust not to force join you to embarrassing groups'); LinkedIn may be emphasising that they're a professional networking site - you can't network anonymously and get anything out of it. If I can see that three people in my network have visited your profile, it might be much more useful to me the professional networker to know who they are (letting me the journalist know that might be a different thing, which gets to the wider issue of who we share the names in our networks with). How does it compare to 'only real names' on Messenger and Xbox Live? On the Internet nobody may know you're a dog, but assume they'll know if you have a Dogs Inc IP address ;-)
Tags: linked in, privacy, social networking

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