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Dirty stop-out - you wish

The Wimbledon branch of the main district line stops about 10.30pm on a Sunday evening, so you have to go down to Earls Court and change to the Edgware branch. Frankly, I'm appalled (continued Torygraph letters page passim). Indeed, the whole shebang shuts at around 1am, earlier on many lines. It's getting earlier and earlier every year too. Well, enough, we say. Or rather, not nearly late enough. Take this connection to sign the Late Tube Petition which wants it to stay open till 3am at weekends and is looking for 100,000 signatures to attract some attention.

London is an amazing city. A city of culture, history and diversity. A city with a mayor who collects newts. A city with a huge Ferris wheel. A city where the clubs and bars stay open 'til three at the weekend... But a city that's an absolute nightmare to get home from after midnight.

Every weekend millions of us are forced to either go home early or face the prospect of a torturously slow journey on a night bus full of barking loons. Or to pay a fortune for a cab which "ain't going south (or north) this late". And all because the Underground system in this amazing 24-hour city of ours shuts down just after midnight. Even at weekends.

It's insane.

But it doesn't have to be like that. We pay for the Underground system with our tickets and taxes and so there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't operate on our terms.

We're creating a petition to be sent to both The Mayor and Transport For London - the two bodies who together control London Underground - demanding that the Tube be kept running until at least 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.

If enough people sign the petition - we reckon 100,000 should do it - then Ken and Co will be forced to sit up and take notice. Not least because there are Mayoral elections next year and this is a guaranteed vote winner.

So what are you waiting for? Get signing! Your city will thank you; your friends will thank you; even barking loons on night buses will thank you. But you won't be able to hear them. Because you'll be underground. Perfect.


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16th Jun, 2003 08:41 (UTC)
Then all we need is for the railways to run later as well and I wouldn't spend the second half of every gig I ever go to in London worrying about missing the last train home and would be spared the horror of missing an encore.

Yup, I signed.
17th Jun, 2003 05:28 (UTC)
I once missed the second half of a Ben Elton concert entirely because of having to get a train home. Now I just stay till the end and if I have to take a night bus or walk home, I will - I hate missing the performance because it's unrepeatable - but I'd rather have the damn train running. These days seems everything has an 11pm curfew, which I guess I'd want if I lived nearby but it's such a shame to stop jsut when the party's gearing up on stage
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