Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

"Microsoft declined requests for comment"; that's your problem right there...

Microsoft is fed up of being told it's dead, dying, uncool, undead or whatever other insult you have in mind. I'm pretty tired of reading stories that tell Microsoft it's dead/dying/uncool/whatever. When I read a braindead comment from "a professional financial modeling person" who says Office is toast because they only use eight or nine buttons in Excel (I think I missed the 'Monte Carlo analysis' button last time I was making a chart), I want to deliver a few well-aimed strokes with a wet fish. But when the next piece I read is rather more balanced and includes the line 'Microsoft declined requests for comment' I tend to go and write long rants about how Microsoft has to be part of even the difficult conversations...
Tags: microsoft, pr, rant, reputation, social networking, zdnet

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