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Lots of small things

We're really nearly done on the building.
There are still a few things missing - like windows and the doors onto the roof terrace! We haven't bought the tiles for the terrace, or picked up the light for the bathroom. There's the odd hole in the ceiling that needs filling, there's still a few bits of wall needing skirting and doors needing architraving and sockets needing fitting and what they call 'second finish' things. But we're really nearly done.

Yesterday was the last of the plumbing (bar an outside tap on the terrace which we'll do after the railings go in), plus some electrics and the architraving going up on the loft hatch in the study (that's going to need a little plastering down the side I think). The downlighter went into the bathroom ceiling and came straight back out again to go into the hall ceiling where it belongs, being replaced by the low-voltage shower proof downlighters we'd ordered.

Today they laid the oak floorboards and we went out and ordered mirrors to fit in the two bathrooms - one long thin strip by the door in the now-tiny bathroom with the bath and one rectangle with a sloping chunk cut out to go over the sink and follow the line of the ceiling (because I think a square mirror with a triangle of wall above it looks odd).

Still waiting for final quotes on the hall ceiling. The tiler came today and said he can tile one day next week (huzzah!) by nipping off for a day from his job in Richmond (er, apologies to whosever job that is!). Small Dave says they can make the wardrobe and do the shelves for the new office when it stops being the bedroom. Pretty soon I'll be able to stop juggling everything we need to do and buy and order and arrange and go back to worrying about paying for it!

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