Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Snow and a sick kitty

Usually my reaction to snow is to want to stay in and enjoy it from the right side of a steaming mug of something special, but we had to go out and enjoy the flakes today. Pebbles hasn't been eating or drinking all weekend, she's running a temperature and sitting like a lump in the warmest places she can find and although we were hugely relieved to have the blood test tell us it isn't either her liver or kidneys (she is 15 now), the vet has no idea what is actually wrong with her and she's dehydrated so Pebbles gets to take an Expensive Holiday with IV fluids and antibiotics.

Also delighted to see that London appears to have got its snow legs; lots of snowflakes but no problems popping in to Green Park to have Nokia explain its enterprise phone strategy to us. Our second meeting was cancelled because it was double-booked rather than because of the weather so we sat in Eat and had pie and soup. Actually, Simon had pie soup: steak and ale pot pie soup is halfway between stew and soup and comes with a pastry lid that gets itself submerged before you get the lid off. I had sweet potato and goat cheese pie (with unexpected but delicious spinach and what I refer to as structural pastry - you can use it to pick the pie up and eat with) which comes with a goodly amount of mash and gravy. Excellent pie that was nice enough to make me think that sweet potato and spinach and lamb pie would be even nicer. And we do have pie dishes...

Talking of snowflakes, I sniggered on seeing the new Starbucks marketing. 'Friends are like snowflakes,' it says; 'they're all beautiful and they're all different.' What it should have also said is'but some of them are just that little bit shinier, like, say a 'special snowflake'...
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