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a better analysis would be cat hoovering...

From the Peoplemaps analysis at

Each person has unique gifts, however they also share attitudes and preferences with others and can be described in broad terms; within these definitions you are an "Analyser".

What do we mean by introvert?

People whose attitude is for introversion are more reflective taking time to consider their responses. They take their strength from deep within self and have no great desire to impact on the outer world. They have a more questioning style and respond at a slower deliberate pace.

What do we mean by thinking? (Ed: yes, do tell)

People who prefer logical objective decisions focus on the task. They are more impersonal and prefer to get the job done with the minimum amount of socialising. They can be seen as task driven sometimes at the expense of relationships.

Your traits include:

You are a very private person, preferring to watch from the sidelines rather than being in the centre of things.
You have the ability to compartmentalise your life.
You prefer to work on your own

An extract from "Your Ideal Work Environment"

You need an environment where everything has its place. (Ed: have you seen my desk?)
Conserving your energy is important to you and often you feel people in authority drain you because they do not have the clarity of purpose that you seek.
(Ed: have you be spying on me?)

Your Strengths extract

You have a strong sense of duty and like to feel very clear of what's expected of you.
You are excellent at gathering all the facts and information before making decisions so that you have a greater chance of accuracy.

Your Weaknesses extract

You have a very busy inner life, which often makes you unapproachable. (Ed: sorry, what? I was just thinking...)
You would benefit from recognising that occasionally you do need others support and try to bring yourself to ask for this.

Your toughest interview questions
A professional interviewer will ask questions to probe some of your more challenging areas. For instance they may ask;

Q. How easy would it be for you to ask each person on the team how they feel today?
(ed: hee hee - I screwed with your personality test all right! You can't cope with me flipping between pushy and empathic in the same conversation or shy or extrovert depending on who I'm with! I laugh at your puny human categories! I'd take them out for coffee and quiz them on their weekend and their inner feelings till they screamed for mercy!)

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