Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 06:30:06: Hello Bellevue, hello Kirkland, thank you #virginamerica for a lovely flight, #pdc10 here we come
  • 06:33:01: the old #Microsoft term for this was software+services; still underrated concept (better expressed asbetter online') ttp://
  • 16:57:39: huh, whuzzat? is it light yet? @edbott @sbisson
  • 16:58:02: well it is dark and I am wearing sunglasses... let's hit it @sbisson @edbott
  • 17:11:52: Ballmer "you'll see devices exploit the inking and touch capabilities of win7" please, please give me handwriting tablets #pdc10
  • 17:23:12: I want to listen to The Sematics #PDC @edbott
  • 17:26:11: so how do I get the IE9 PP6 renderer in the #ie9 beta? WANT! #pdc10
  • 17:27:55: clar jab at Firefox and Chrome too #pdc10 @timanderson
  • 17:29:00: ballmer "probably the easiest form of delight on the planet" giving PDC attendees a #wp7 phonepdc10
  • 17:31:50: is that bigger applause for @scottgu at #pdc10 than for free #wp7 for paid attendees?
  • 17:41:49: with a slider; is that how you get children?! ;-) @sbisson @brandonwatson #pdc
  • 17:44:58: even @scottgu 's son wears a red shirt ;-) like that you can build #w97 apps in Expression Blend #pdc10
  • 17:52:46: how to get IE PP6 RT for #ie9 beta - excellent RT @tarranmv: @marypcbuk IE9 PP6 in IE9 beta - courtesy of @mariusoiaga
  • 17:58:51: how did NT "ultimately enable" the Internet by enabling industry standard servers? even if BobMu means the Web, um Apache much? #pdc10
  • 18:09:52: wait till you see my Core i5 #hp elitebook 2740 tablet! touch and pen and features up the wazoo @johnobeto @sbisson
  • 18:13:06: BobMu #pdc10 some sense industry providing 1 after another complicated solutions to fix problems created by ysterday's complicated sol'ns
  • 18:30:19: Pixar at #PDC is a very sweet proof of concept Renderman cloud farm for Pixar to resell NOT alas Pixar switching to Azure for own rendering
  • 18:32:36: wait, what: Russinovich running Process Explorer on Azure instance - that really is just move Windows Server roles to Azure. sweet. #PDC
  • 18:42:50: Muglia did say ultimately so may just mean NT = ancestor of standard PC commodity server dropping costs but bit of an AlGore @bluedonkey
  • 18:47:05: Pixar kept saying proof of concept but them saying 'it just works' - also we can just move Renderman there and it runs @contextfree
  • 18:53:25: RT @LetsGetAgile: One person needed one month to port tfs to Azure. Didn't know Chuck Norris was working for Microsoft. #PDC10
  • 19:07:01: I'm a big ribbon +QAT fan, you have to unlearn painfully acquired knowledge to like it - better for users @sbisson @timanderson @edbott
  • 19:10:15: +1! RT @edbott: Note to MS: Still jarring to see dev tools like VS using old-school toolbars and not Ribbon. #pdc10
  • 19:11:05: oooh! composite Azure and Internet services with workflow - nice #PDC10
  • 19:15:05: it's elastic and automatically scaling RT @edbott: We are now into overtime at PDC keynote. +10 minutes and new demo just started #pdc10
  • 19:20:52: #PDC10 keynote nothing: longest ever keynote - BlackBerry DevCon 09 went 4+ hours, had biobreaks @DougWare
  • 19:22:02: it means buy data services to use on Azure from eg Wolfram Alpha @pooran
  • 19:43:55: wondering if there's any part of Azure composition workflow that has Oslo heritage? #pdc10
  • 19:48:45: HTML 5 is about 5 guys, isn't it? @cwilso @epersonae @mattmay
  • 20:09:31: very nice to see so many tests in the official W3C HTML 5 test suite #ie9 has some suprising wins in results
  • 21:15:09: you know it's only a proof of concept? RT @stevecla: wow, didn't know Pixar's Renderman was running on Azure
  • 21:17:53: critical to all! RT @lsmarr: Critical to CA RT@HealtheBay When you vote, say no to Prop 23's Dirty Energy Proposition

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