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As one door closes another is cut open

That would be because they are coming through the ceiling. There’s a nail driven down through the ceiling not three feet from my head so I decamp to the lounge with a notebook to do email while they sheet up the room, cut a new loft hatch and clean up again. Nothing in this house is straight apart from what they build so the walls and ceiling look a little wonky and we will need to do a bit of painting in here now as we can check the quality of certain areas of the existing plaster! It has removed the water stain on the ceiling from the over-enthusiastic steaming tank in the loft.

We also have a door on the airing cupboard again, with a custom wooden frame built for it that will, I guess, get covered by architrave. I plan to fit shallow shelves in front of the cylinder for towels and a couple of hooks for drying too. I wonder if we want to box in the pipes in the bathroom that go halfway up the wall by the door as I can’t reach behind them to clean the plaster splashes off the wall or to pull out and fill in the holes left by the rawlplugs from the old towel rail fixing. Still need some skirting and fixing up in the bathroom; indeed the bathroom light switch is still in the airing cupboard ;-)

Alternating searing sun and freezing rain, perpetual dust and lack of pollen-excluding windows take their toll. Danny has hayfever, small Dave is recovering from cold, Steve the plumber is snuffling with cold so I dose him with herbal decongestants and he perks up no end and begins fossicking in the top hall. There’s a new hole at the base of the outside wall of the new bathroom for pipes; I think it may have been to reach through for pushing the pipes into the new hole in the floor in the hall, which matches the hole in the bathroom doorway and the ceiling over the shower where the rose is. Suspect plumbing/plastering planning could do with a little dependency adjustment.

More work on the bathroom; the bamboo floor is fully laid, though the edges round the shower tray don’t look quite right yet. I’m guessing there will be some kind of edging; it’s floating rather than nailed and the skirting boards hold it neatly in place elsewhere. Dragged Simon up to stand under the slope to see if he could stand upright and shave in front of the sink; wonder if I can get/make a nice triangular mirror to go on the wall there. The shower rose is up in the ceiling over the shower. The toilet base is in place; still waiting for a replacement cistern. Do NOT want to have argument with plumbers merchant about this. Note that we’ll have to be careful not to smash the bathroom door against knees of person sitting on the loo. Plumbing still to do: terrace tap, central heating controller, front room radiator, boiler check, fitting for the shower hose and handset. Shopping still to do: hall light for top landing, low-voltage recessed downlighters for bathroom, recessed downlighter for hall by existing bathroom, light to go over bathroom sink. Still to arrange: tiler for new bathroom, quote for painting new hall ceiling as affordable plasterer fails to include this. Still no quote from previous plasterer or downstairs neighbours’ plasterer and signal failure to get much work done today.

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