Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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From Twitter 10-25-2010

  • 00:14:47: they should call the show Shat, My Dad, Says @shadowfax1804 @shitmydadsays Shatner karaoke FTW, now want Big Bang evil @wilw crossover
  • 00:15:10: RT @dhmorton: .@rupertg There is no fight more worthy of our energy and commitment than to preserve and fortify the NHS for future gener ...
  • 00:21:20: @gcaughey @JamesAshley @SilverlightNews is that as overcomplicated a design from Ms as it sounds?
  • 00:24:23: @chrisgreen we'll be round then ;-)
  • 00:28:56: wow: nice reminder how many good, kind people there are the the world, and how much we need robot cars
  • 00:32:31: maryjofoley @sbisson so - dinner one night in Seattle?
  • 00:33:17: Documentary photography is meant to be disturbing and thought provoking; so the exhibition at the the Getty succeeds perfectly
  • 00:34:41: LA checklist: got coffee, seen crazy street people, walked 10blocks for dinner, got lost in hotel, driven to wrong Getty. sounds about right
  • 00:35:21: @rupertg @chrisgreen I thought that was suggesting you buy a dozen and cook them all ;)
  • 01:02:10: I meant trend in how long it takes 24 hours worth of video to be ploaded to YouTube - linear, geometric, bell curve? @inforama
  • 01:06:06: Windows Phone 7: am I holding it right? no, not attenuation but a survey about #wp7 capacitance experiences
  • 01:09:12: @monkchips @sbisson our room is like motel 6 and it's a shuttle ride away; not my fave hotel ;-)
  • 01:13:09: @monkchips @sbisson it's the one with the tiki bar at 7th and fig... think other rooms are better ;-)
  • 03:06:05: From Twitter 10-24-2010: 03:05:07: From Twitter 10-23-2010: 03:06:34: From Twitter 10-22-2010: 01:59:11: or the cu...
  • 04:03:38: @jonhoneyball no, it's the side effect I explained last week but thanks for mentioning
  • 16:44:45: @jamesashley seems a shame it's something that can be so bad for ux
  • 16:51:23: It's a mix of logical arrangement and musthave order btw ;) @gcaughey @bertlagaisse
  • 16:56:31: @philmckinney is it really possible to innovate all the time w'out devaluing? How can you make true forward leaps every day?
  • 17:17:38: #adobemax prekeynote performer cries real code _ only one typo so far!
  • 18:02:01: @jamesashley still good ux even if devs get it wrong? Found some jarring tombstone experiences in apps so far and want to understand why
  • 19:45:16: @jamesashley what I'm curious about is how easy the platform makes/enforces good ux around switching/restore (since no 3rd party mtasking)
  • 20:43:17: RT @sbisson: Live from LA, the news from MAX, on ZDnet UK:
  • 20:44:08: @timanderson I half expected Google tv box ;)
  • 21:12:57: Similarly; we have an iphone app, we appointed a new jobtitle, we have unsolicited comment we've sent to every outlet @edbott
  • 22:12:38: If only it was only rookie prs! Also current pet hate; being force signed up to marketing newsletters. Rude & lazy too @BenThePCGuy @edbott
  • 22:15:34: @stevecla yes please! Get in too late Wednesday for press lab tours

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