Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

From Twitter 10-22-2010

  • 01:59:11: or the curious case of what Android did at work RT @sbisson New #ZDNetUK blog post Windows Phone 7: The Uphill Struggle
  • 02:00:16: @Carnage4Life go to the Getty museum, it's amazing - great for enjoying art or taking pix. or the Adobe MAX conference we're there for...
  • 02:02:49: I said back in January that the HP Slate would be for business (because HP told me so!); hope it gets a clip-on keyboard & it's TC1000 redux
  • 03:06:02: From Twitter 10-21-2010: 00:37:20: @edbott *magic* unobtainium; indistinguishable from rigged demo-ium03:08:49: Fr...
  • 10:58:27: @sbisson @PeterNBiddle @ianbetteridge iTunes gives you something you cannot get otherwise (iPod load, iPhone app load &etc) so users stay
  • 11:00:13: @sbisson @PeterNBiddle @ianbetteridge w'out forced use,bad design can make ad-support dev't unnattractive cos G needs users early on 4 proft
  • 11:03:56: like what Win7 has? and - for me - *handwriting* @pjbryant: @maryjofoley @sbisson IMHO it's not biz without encryption & pref user profiles
  • 11:08:59: @zephoria why not some cool fakehair extension?
  • 11:12:16: @timanderson I have, um, 45 #wp7 apps installed from marketplace. maybe I should cut back to 42! but no problems here; have you restarted z?
  • 11:13:40: @shadowfax1804 er, check engadget? showing built-in windows handwriting recognition on the hp slate
  • 11:53:08: @shadowfax1804 HP is trying to 'bring it with the design' I believe the phrase goes ;-) also HP v conflicted re webos
  • 12:39:33: @askseesmic crashed again, a few hours after a clean boot ;-(
  • 12:40:46: ok, i want *all* my screens to be touch - keep tapping 'flat' screens and feeling less productive. also my upper arms wld get a workout
  • 13:40:44: everything you need to know: 25 #wp7 tips and tricks
  • 13:41:03: why is it the mroe I have to type, the less my fingers work? *sigh*
  • 13:44:49: aol RT @judgecorp I am very pleased that every IT company can solve the UK's deficit. Why are they all phoning me instead of George Osborne?
  • 14:44:50: @gcaughey hi - UK tech journalist wanting to contact you; can you get in touch? thanks!
  • 14:47:48: far too many #wp7 apps don't do proper tombstone recovery when the phone locks; devs - is it horribly hard or is this bad coding?
  • 15:24:25: @surfermikel @gcaughey glad to hear; trying out 40+ #wp7 apps this week, when they don't rise cleanly feels jarring. devs please remember ;)
  • 15:30:18: and about time too! RT @maryjofoley: No more Windows XP preloads allowed on new PCs:
  • 15:32:09: thx ;-) let's hear it for fluid ux everyone! @derektiffany Tombstoning isn't difficult, just gets overlooked. Unfortunate, yes. #wp7 #wp7dev
  • 16:18:06: oh definitely - or at least test for it during marketplace approval @surfermikel
  • 16:20:10: so how are the three apps I;ve seen this morning that use the camera control doing it? @gigotrendz
  • 17:00:00: could a space tourist pay for their ISS trip by charging peope to take their phone there and check in? @sbisson
  • 17:01:01: I've asked OEMs this in the past and none will share their own figures for xp downgrade @jonhoneyball @maryjofoley @charlesarthur
  • 17:01:27: I didn't bother installing on last two PCs; haven't missed it @jonhoneyball
  • 19:59:54: @askseesmic this is an IE9 specific issue, I think - I don't use other browsers on this PC
  • 20:01:09: @edbott me and @sbisson too

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