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From Twitter 10-21-2010

  • 00:37:20: @edbott *magic* unobtainium; indistinguishable from rigged demo-ium
  • 03:08:49: From Twitter 10-20-2010: 00:05:44: @BenThePCGuy nothing lighter than the portege, but don't you want a tablet PC? ... http://bit.ly/d2WII5
  • 12:04:45: beautifully; a word we find ourselves wanting to use a lot about the Windows Phone interface, which is vivid and engaging http://ow.ly/2X0Rv
  • 12:09:54: @jonhoneyball @timanderson makes sense Microsoft's Office cloud would be the first cloud service for Aurora, but it doesn't sound the only 1
  • 12:28:17: @jonhoneyball @timanderson won't it just use the specs already documented for Geneva and ADFS 2?
  • 12:29:31: @stevecla can't DM you, can't find working email for you...
  • 12:36:54: Me. beautifully; a word we find ourselves wanting to use a lot about the #wp7 interface, which is vivid and engaging http://bit.ly/a2yFmD
  • 12:40:15: @mbullock @jonhoneyball @timanderson I'm a big Geneva fan, so good news if this broadens federation adoption. identity metasystem please!
  • 12:44:30: @davorg the lights are up on Oxford Street #notbeforethanksgivingplease
  • 13:10:14: ROFL! but look at the body language... RT @PeterNBiddle Steve Jobs talks to Bill Gates about netbooks : http://bit.ly/d3o122
  • 13:32:50: @mbullock how well do the Office Web apps do on iPad? I tried before they were up and running and I had hopes of OneNote Web on iPad...
  • 13:45:13: How fast is the Windows Phone browser? Can #WP7 keep up?: The same Web page will load at different speeds on the s... http://bit.ly/creECL
  • 15:25:26: @jaspalsahota @sbisson think cats bring them in to play with! we're on second floor
  • 15:30:23: @CaptainCraigos @stuartdavies no Zune for Mac but Mac connector for #wp7 beta 24/10, details from the alpha http://bit.ly/cq4drL
  • 15:32:04: @petemill settings > mobile phone > change APN here on #wp7 http://bit.ly/cZNglI
  • 15:55:32: wondering who did Zuckerberg's media training to let him look relaxed when talking about The Social Network; made him look much more prof'nl
  • 18:27:32: @zune but why-oh-why does the UK not get the download credits with ZunePass? it's the same price but without keeping the songs ;-(
  • 18:32:55: @carnage4life that's not a review: *this* is a review (cf Crocodile Dundee) http://ow.ly/2Xgso
  • 19:23:06: @seesmic hmmm; the Seesmic web view keeps crashing #IE9 (ie9 recoverdsit 5-6 times and then I have to reload by hand). suboptimal!
  • 19:24:09: @sbisson and he's washing his mouse-finding whiskers now #circleoflife
  • 20:49:14: @askseesmic no seesmic cookies I can find, cleared the cached .css files and shall monitor; it happens every couple of hours usually
  • 21:29:49: solved my broken push email RT @sbisson A look at the latest Touchdown for Android #ZDNetUK.Mobile Exchange done right?http://bit.ly/aLmFOM
  • 21:30:22: @johnobeto @sbisson pass you at the airport on the way to Seattle then!
  • 22:50:54: @AlisonW but didn't rather fewer women have the option of getting out of bad marriages then? wide range of social impacts
  • 22:52:31: @mbullock no idea; when iPad launched Safari picekd up mobile version of Office Web w no apps so I've never seen it in action
  • 22:53:50: @askseesmic I've been seeing it for a few days, no fix yet - will monitor after reboot, but it's the only page I load regularly doing this
  • 23:00:15: @AlisonW women who can afford to raise children and work will pay taxes rather than stay on welfare? welfare state isn't all short termism
  • 23:26:23: @innerfamilylife @johnobeto @sbisson it doesn't have 7's speed or aero snap ;-)
  • 23:32:33: @AlisonW also, 45 years ago I was a child support single mother child &I know the weeks it meant decent food on the table & I'm middle class
  • 23:49:39: @AlisonW there are huge issues around badly implemented means testing, child benefit was for all for a reason
  • 23:55:42: @innerfamilylife @johnobeto @sbisson only if they do the marketing *really well*

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22nd Oct, 2010 05:23 (UTC)
You will have to tell me about this convo with AlisonW.

>>*magic* unobtainium; indistinguishable from rigged demo-ium<<

love this!
22nd Oct, 2010 09:40 (UTC)
oh, we were having different views on the plan to stop child benefit being universal and become means tested; I know times are hard but it wasn't a benefit that was substantially abused and it's a benefit paid directly to the mother, which actually had a huge social impact. I hate what the government is doing to society all round with these cuts - the libdems are doing nothing visible to moderate our right wing ;(
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