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The same Web page will load at different speeds on the same phone on the same network five minutes apart, so hard figures aren't always meaningful and I saw the expected variance in my Windows Phone 7 tests, but I've seen a couple of questions about it so here's my averaged results, testing on Orange with Android 2.2 on a Nexus One and WP7 on a Samsung Omnia and O2 with an iPhone 4, with and without wi-fi turned on. In these particualr tests at this particualr time, Android and Windows Phone 7 were both faster than the iPhone for the Flickr page, and Mobile IE was consistently a couple of seconds faster than Android; Microsoft says they've put a lot of work into optimising image downloads and it shows. More repeatably, the main thing I saw was that most of the time Windows Phone 7 loaded pages pretty much as fast as the other phones, a couple of times it sat for a while, not doing much - and that could be more about the network stack or the OS transport than the browser itself. I need to do more testing to be sure.

IPhone 4

TechRadar front page: 31s 3G 13s wi-fi

BBC news 28s 3G 10s wi-fi

Flickr photostream page 26s* 3G 7s Wi-Fi

Nexus One Froyo

31s 3G 18s wifi

11s 3G 8s wi-fi

10s 3G 11s Wi-Fi

Windows Phone 7

30s 3G Wi-Fi 15s

17s 3G 12s Wi-Fi

7s8 3G 9s Wi-Fi

*yes really, yes, repeatably.

WP7 browser speeds

You can read my in-depth, at-length review over at TechRadar; I have caveats but I'm impressed with what I've seen so far. There are drawbacks (every mobile OS has flaws today) and I need to see how it handles as a main phone over time when I have a handset for long enough to do that, but I'm impressed with what Microsoft delivered in the time they had. Now they have to keep up the pace.


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23rd Oct, 2010 14:48 (UTC)
Done recently (20101021 Th - 1022 Fr)
User mdlbear referenced to your post from Done recently (20101021 Th - 1022 Fr) saying: [...] via marypcb [...]
21st Nov, 2010 15:26 (UTC)
inappropriate graph
This graph describes the average load times for WebPages when what you want to tell us is about the average load times per phone. The vertical axis should be phones.
21st Nov, 2010 22:09 (UTC)
Re: inappropriate graph
The Web page load times are *per phone* so the vertical axis is phones; think of this as several graphs sharing one horizontal axis? If you think there's a better way to present the figures, please do create a different graph to show it
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