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From Twitter 10-19-2010

  • 03:07:27: From Twitter 10-18-2010: 00:19:56: RT @lizzwinstead: When Carly Fiorina says, "I ran the largest technology compan... http://bit.ly/9W9kD2
  • 10:27:56: @gchiemingo but they have the best fee-free checking account
  • 10:32:40: am i missing something? #seesmic for #wp7 isn't doing predictive text for me? (coreected this yweet by hand) ?fail
  • 10:33:55: nice RT @Microsoft: #Microsoft opens $3.5M upgrade to Jim Gray Systems Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison http://bit.ly/ag13Sk
  • 10:42:58: @rupertg @jackschofield Zune HD is utterly delightful and I will probably buy another this trip because I miss it; actual emotional connectn
  • 12:45:58: @paulwooding1973 @sbisson won't that upset the apple cart? they don't want to break anybody's heart...
  • 12:47:57: @jonhoneyball i have cables and phone charger but left the damn zune hd in a rental car; v happy to take yours off your hands. b4 saturday?
  • 12:50:02: @jackschofield @jonhoneyball @rupertg when I tested MP3 players Samsung had far better sound than Sony;Zune HD had good sound, great ui, ux
  • 12:50:41: @maryjofoley @sbisson yes, I put the Boston time down to founding FUSE ;-)
  • 12:51:19: @PARCinc @sbisson yes, I want my pads, tabs, walls
  • 12:52:44: @stevecla have you got predictive text working in @seesmic on #wp7? am lost without it
  • 12:55:11: @edbott @LeeDJones @databasejase I did it by uninstalling Java - haven't missed it in a month
  • 13:01:45: @jonhoneyball that would work; I can sleep with my iPod nano for the flight ;-)
  • 14:26:08: @jackschofield YP-U2 was my favourite, but if you search Tom's Hardware for my old reviews; they were uniformly best sound on good headphone
  • 14:28:19: @the_pc_doc @sbisson that was me actually ;-) and I think it took time to turn the tanker but they are many miles from where they were
  • 14:28:57: @ianbetteridge @sbisson think you can only blame him for what Notes did before he left for Groove
  • 14:29:04: RT @sbisson: Does Ray Ozzie leaving Microsoft dim prospects for Windows Phone 7?: Almost everything people are saying abo... http://tiny ...
  • 14:30:25: Does Ray Ozzie leaving Microsoft dim prospects for Windows Phone 7?: me on #ZDNetUK http://bit.ly/adKkKU
  • 14:32:08: Dear #danrubin; which definition of open includes 'phone makers must use Google location services'? don't confuse tech and business models
  • 18:46:16: @mbullock @markwilsonit @jamesoneill @sbisson @pjbryant Ozzie impact: Azure, Live, BPOS, 3screens, OfficeWeb, facebookDocs, mesh/sync, odata
  • 19:06:09: @stevecla wanted to ping you about a couple of marketplace things as well...
  • 19:09:24: @rupertg @timanderson didn't we tell them boring descriptive names are bad? are we going to regret saying that?
  • 19:12:37: surprised and disappointed by how much #WP7 goodness the UK misses out on; @windowsphoneuk should have a frownie on it
  • 19:22:29: @a51m @mbullock no Bing voice search for #wp7 in uk, no 10 dls/month w ZunePass, no smartlink on UK addresses, fewer Bing instant answers
  • 19:26:12: perfect example of what internal thoughtleaders (for Ms that was Ozzie, is MS Research) have to be thinking and dealing with #hughtrain
  • 19:37:32: To use Send to #OneNote in #IE9 right-click when you used to click the button; even works in pinned sites
  • 19:37:45: @rupertg @sbisson HTC Frigid?
  • 19:45:45: @edbott yes, but you can right-click and choose Send to OneNote, even in pinned sites *instead* of clicking the button you can't have/see
  • 19:46:36: @edbott I was surprised it worked because add-ons supposed not to load (bad idea - no spell check!) but it works in all my pinned sites
  • 19:47:39: @edbott I had to retrain myself to right-click - but as #ie9 unlikely to use my idea of Quick Address Toolbar I gritted (grat?) my teeth
  • 19:48:06: @rupertg are you jsut rubbing it up the wrong way?
  • 19:49:31: rephrasing; To use Send to #OneNotein #IE9 right-click (instead of looking for a button to click); even works in pinned sites
  • 19:51:48: @ChrisBulow inspired by, intended to reproduce advantages of, recreating...
  • 19:53:06: @edbott no, Office 2010 first then IE9 at beta launch; right-click on the Web page, at the bottom of the context menu - Send to OneNote
  • 20:03:36: @ChrisBulow I'm not bad, I just type that way...
  • 20:06:50: @edbott but is it a bug that you don't see it or a bug that I do? I want fast OneNote access without ugly command bar!
  • 20:08:40: 3 horrid things today; huge vet bill for cat's teeth, my osteopath is in hospital, I'm having to use iTunes (in order of how distressing)

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