Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

From Twitter 10-16-2010

  • 16:42:41: just launched #iTunes by accident and it Won't Go Away. Close, dammit! #thepainthepainmakeitstop
  • 16:45:22: in fact, launched both #iTunes and Windows Media Player by accident; WMP had opened and closed before iTunes would even respond to the mouse
  • 18:33:53: microUSB earrings: here come my tweets to LJ: Obligatory apology; It's not ideal to drag tweets over to LJ like th...
  • 19:31:38: @Shawn_Butler swap your SD card in #wp7 and you reset the phone and have to reload local content
  • 19:36:37: signign up for a blog/twitter republishing service and wishing identity metasystem was here so I didn't have to trust the service w password
  • 20:07:13: Controversial headline, controversial subject: It's hard to get people on the record about things that are controv...
  • 21:16:02: Top ten gadgets from CTIA: Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab a nicer tablet than the Archos 10? (no, but it has better acc...

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