Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

A few fast first takes

first take: FastHosts online storage service
Online storage makes a lot of sense. Somebody else does the hard work of installing and managing the disks, taking the backups and providing the remote access for you, so your data is safe and accessible from anywhere you can get online. There are plenty of backup and sync-oriented services like Mozy and Dropbox that offer some free storage and the options of paying for more space, but they tend to be designed for consumers. Fasthosts' new Online Storage Service is different.

first take: HulloMail 1.2
Twitter and Facebook haven't quite taken over from phone calls and when you get phone calls, you miss phone calls. The iPhone's visual voicemail means you don't have to sit through all your messages just to get the one you're waiting for; HulloMail gives you similar tools for BlackBerry, Android , iPhone, Symbian and other push-enabled smartphones.

first take: La Cie mosKeyto
USB keys are getting smaller, and larger. Four gigabytes is common and 8GB and 16GB sticks are no longer unfeasibly expensive, or big and bulky. In fact some of the smallest USB sticks on the market, SanDisk's Cruzer Blade and PNY's micro Attache, are both available as 16GB drives. LaCie's rather absurdly-named new mosKeyto comes in 4GB and 8GB sizes for now (a 16GB version will follow), but it's a midget...
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