Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

AMD: I'm looking forward to Zacate

I like Nvidia's Optimus technology: a full GPU when you need it, running through the PCI bus for speed, the battery-saving Intel integrated graphics when you don't. But with IE9 and Chrome 9 and all those other tools for doing GPU acceleration, you're going to need a decent GPU more often than that. And while the GPU AMD is packing into its Bobcat CPUs won't be state of the art by the time it arrives, it will be considerably ahead of what you get in a Core i5. When AMD showed us the Zacate chip recently, it smoked the Core i5 system running next to it - delivering the same result on the IE9 Psychedelic browsing test as the ATI graphics card in Simon's desktop. Detailed tech specs and prices in the link...
Tags: amd, articles, cpu, gpu, ie9, news, writing, zdnet

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