Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

microUSB earrings: here come my tweets to LJ

Obligatory apology; It's not ideal to drag tweets over to LJ like this, because my LJ posts echo to Twitter so there are going to be some endless loops (one for every post here, one for this daily update on Twitter - does anyone have a way of doing this that avoids it?) but as I was reading back through sbisson's archive it was really handy to see the tweets in context and I'd like that for myself). They'll go behind a cut on LJ so you can scroll past quickly if you also follow me on Twitter and on Twitter I hope it won't be more irritating that those daily 'newspapers' some people do...

why microUSB? well, this blog is actually called The Girl With USB Earring and one day I'll have time to take a photo that illustrates that properly, and one day after that I might even get on with making and selling them too
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