Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Everything you want to know about the BlackBerry PlayBook

Apart from the price. And the battery life (although Dan Dodge told me today "you shouldn't worry about it"; he can't say, but he knows what it is and he's happy. As the head of the QNX team at RIM, Dodge knows a lot more about the PlayBook and he told us quite a bit about it, from some details about the graphics processing to broad hints that there will be a 10" model at some point.

I have to say, I was prepared to be very underimpressed with the idea of a companion tablet and I'm still unsure - but I can't see carrrying a tablet and not having my phone with me, and I don't want to pay for two data plans. And the more I learn about QNX and what they're putting in the PlayBook, the more excited I get about it; I love tablet PC and OneNote, but I think I kind of want one...

Also: BlackBerry goes social with 'super apps'

The newer your BlackBerry, the more apps you use. 75% of App World downlaods are for BlackBerry 5 and 6. Now apps can get really social by hooking into BlackBerry Messenger - and they can be written in HTML 5 and still get all the BlackBerry features...

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