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As I recover, I'm still not sure about creative work, so I've been doing admin - today I merged the files from five different backups into the main file store to fill in the gaps from when the main backup didn't. I've found old journals, old jokes, old writing - including the review of the first 13 commercial Web browsers Simon and I wrote. I thought an old joke or two would do nicely...

 T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) and his editor:
   Editor: "Jeddah and Jidda used impartially throughout. Intentional?"
   T.E.L.: "Rather!"
   Ed.: "Slip 16. Bir Waheida was Bir Waheidi."
   T.E.L.: "Why not? All one place."
   Ed.: "Slip 20. Nuri, Emir of the Ruwalla, belongs to the 'chief family of the Rualla.' On Slip 33 "Rualla horse," and Slip 38, "killed one Rueili.' In all later slips 'Rualla.'"
   T.E.L.: "Should have also used Ruwala and Ruala."
   Ed.: "Slip 28. The Bisaita is also spelt Biseita."
   T.E.L.: "Good."
   Ed.: "Slip 47. Jedha, the she-camel, was Jedhah on Slip 40."
   T.E.L.: "She was a splendid beast."
   Ed.: "Slip 53. 'Meleager, the immoral poet.' I have put 'immortal' poet. But the author may mean immoral after all."
   T.E.L.: "Immorality I know. Immortality I cannot judge. As you please: Meleager will not sue us for libel."
   Ed.: "Slip 65. Author is addressed 'Ya Auruns,' but on Slip 56 was 'Aurans.'"
   T.E.L.: "Also Lurens and Runs: not to mention 'Shaw.' More to follow, if time permits."

Anything worth doing is worth doing a patent search on.
A word to the wise is a possible domain name infringement lawsuit.
They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, but they shall still owe royalties to the sword and spear intellectual property owners.
If I have seen further than other men, it is by stepping on their glasses.
What's in a name? A rose by any other name could still be an infringement on if we get a sufficiently clueless judge.
Those who can, do; those who can't, sue.
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