Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Over-sharing on social networks; do we care more about it when it's Google?

Why do we give Facebook less hassle for proxy sharing in Place than we gave Google for Buzz?


I was furious about Buzz on a personal level; it did the initial turn-itself-on thing on a Gmail account I don't want to have share anything with anyone and I had the emotional response to having the system interfere in my personal life. With Facebook Places, in which you can label your friends as being in a certain place at a certain time without their permission, I laughed at Ed Bott's tweet saying he was setting up a weekly Outlook reminder to check his Facebook privacy settings, then I thought 'I should check my Facebook privacy settings' and I found the new Places proxy checkin option marked to tell me I should look at it, promptly disabled it and all I thought was 'oh look, Facebook got privacy wrong again'.

Why the difference?

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