Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Florida to Cincinatti and back

We were having so much fun driving from Cincinatti to Fort Lauderdale (when we'd just flown there from Orlando) that I didn't get around to writing it up all at once. Follow us across the south on the longest, narrowest national park - and beyond! Gasp as we escape the floods and see the butterflys. Note the common threads (food, beer, scenery).

Crazy road trip day one: Kentucky is awash
road trip day 2: biscuits to beer
Crazy road trip day 3: peaks of otter, forks of buffalo
Day4: Deborah's knob arising from peachy bottom (hills, apparently)
Day 5: cascades to carriage rides
Day 6: Bridges, bridges, bridges
Day 7: coffee to Canaveral
Tags: travel

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