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Freelance in the UK? Have your say

The All Party Parliamentary Small Business Group (APPSBG) and the Genesis Initiative, the umbrella project for small businesses, have decided that freelancers will be the subject of their next major report.

It is the first time that any political group has looked closely at this subject and it is expected that the findings will set the future agenda for freelancers in the UK.

Another significant step forward in this report is the manner in which it will be conducted. In keeping with the knowledge-based, businesses of the future, this is the first time the consultation will be carried out directly with freelancers, online as well as the more traditional method of giving physical evidence. Freelancers will be invited to comment directly into the All Party Group via on-line consultation through the APPSBG website .

Week One: 19-05-2003: The role played by Freelancers? Consultation now under way
To the freelancer.
To the client.
To the economy

Week Two: 26-05-2003: Opportunities Facing Freelancers - small businesses; public procurement; overseas opportunities;

Week Three: 02-06-2003: Threats facing Freelancers regulation - IR35; Section 660; Security Clearance outsourcing jobs; Preferred supplier deals importing people - FTVs, Intra Company Transfer

Each week freelancers will be invited to comment on these issues. Please forward this to anyone else in your circle of associates who want to help make a difference and will to take advantage of this opportunity to have their voice heard.

This is the first time freelancers have been the subject of such a detailed political enquiry - and the first time freelancers have been invited to participate in such a manner. After evidence has been collated, conclusions will be drawn and recommendations made.

This will prove to be one of the primary reference sources for MPs and Peers and is likely to influence the approach politicians adopt toward freelancers and their importance to the flexible knowledge-based economy.

It is indicative of the future importance of this issue that the APPSBG has chosen it to be the subject of their report. Freelancers now have an opportunity to contribute directly to their future.

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