Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Day4: Deborah's knob arising from peachy bottom (hills, apparently)

The only motel in Sparta had a great selection of teas, including Constant Comment - very welcome as there was no real milk and like Fake Steve, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of non-dairy creamer. We had comedy moments of finding nearly every gas station was either closed or out of gas or didn't have a working card reader, but we gassed up eventually and I picked up the guidebook to discover that we were passing the view of the aforesaid knob arising from the aforesaid bottom. I must admit that we sniggered.

The first overlook we stopped at had Québécois bikers and a much better view on the other side of the road - of a curved, half-bald mountain (maybe it was Peachy Bottom, but from this angle the Knob was not aligned).

The log cabin was both cosy and exposed; I was thinking how far away from everyone, the widow moved out after she left it to the park because too many people came through! The flax patch looks as if they grow it every year for demonstrations and the grass was starred with tiny flowers.

Lunch at a lodge right on the parkway - country ham biscuits and pulled pork with cheese between two corn pancakes which is way better than it sounds (although it was my day for foreign objects; I got the fish-hook in the carpet (point down, luckily and the hotel manager literally blenched when I showed it to him) and the hair in the pancake).

The colours of the foliage on the parkway are amazing; not just the variety of greens and the mix of trees but white blossom, flame azaleas, something that might be pink azaleas and all the leaves coming out pink and copper - I may have as many shots of unfurling leaves as I do of vistas.

The denim magnate's fancy house is fancy; white painted wedding cake with 11 miles of carraige drives and it's now a craft shop with views.

The stunning Linn viaduct; we saw it, slowed down for a photo, drive back to the waterfall before it and couldn't get a photo, drove over it and then hiked under it past rivulets and trillium.

Shortly after that the parkway was closed so we drove away and then back; as we were going to be right behind a honking big truck, we pulled over to buy local jam and honey and let the truck get away from us. Back on the parkway at the Linn River turnoff and along the twisty bits before we hit another diversion - into Transylvania!

We made it as far as Brevard on the diversion and stopped for the night, finding a really rather good strip-mall sushi joint for dinner, by the name of Sora. The local beer came in two styles, amber and dark, both of which go nicely with sushi!
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