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consumer five inspired by the lovely kightp

What brand of toothpaste do you use? Mentadent p, which I've been using since I was 17 because I don't like sweet mint toothpaste, or Colgate Herbal

What brand of toilet paper do you prefer? Nouvelle - recycled *and* soft!

What brand of shoes do you wear? Black Reebok Hitops in the winter, Timberlands or Clarkes walking sandals in the summer, or some trendy slipon Noke trainers in weird grey and blue elastic stripes

What brand of soda do you drink? Whole Earth Mountain Cranberry (or ginger or elderflower or cola, but I like the cranberry best; it's not too sweetr and has grape juice rather than sugar)

What brand of gum do you chew?
Anything with xylitol cos it's supposed to stop staph mutans from making caries in your teeth

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