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We spent Saturday at Maker Faire and will be blogging that over on the ZDNet blog, but I'll note to remind myself that while it's slower to get coffee at Whole Foods than Starbucks the coffee is nicer, and they have raspberry peach scones. After much walking from the parking and much walking around the Faire and a yarn Shopping Accident, it was nice to fling ourselves straight into the hot tub that mr_kurt and saffronrose were soaking in; after soaking it was nice to go to El Pollo Loco and discover they serve horchitas (kind of like rice pudding in a glass). And we treated ourselves to a couple of episodes of Glee before bed.

This morning I slept in (and in and in, eventually sending himself *out* for coffee so I could wake up). sbisson is almost over his 'orrible cold that (absit omen) I haven't caught and we have meetings but no conferences planned until the 5th June so we have time to catch up with friends, so I mailed some folks over coffee and then we thought 'it's a lovely day - what do we usually do on lovely days? sit in traffic all the way to Capitola!'

We took the Summit-Soquel road instead, from the 17, which is a much nicer way to get there, and stopped at Gayles to p-pickup p-picnic fixings (oak-roast chicken, sliced tri-tip, pasta-potato-bean salad and a baguette and an ollalaberry turnover) that we ate on the concrete steps at Capitola Beach in the sun (I did check for ginger cookies, saffronrose, but it never seems to be the right time of year). The sun was very lovely and then we headed up into the cool of the mountains to visit spiritmoving and Rene who are fettling their lovely house and waiting for a huge rock to be delivered and we sat and nattered and drank tea and went down to have dinner at Aqua Blue, which does a really interesting range of food; sushi, japanese, italian, thai, fish and a few other things ;-) A very nice, quiet, hanging out day after all the walking and neat stuff of yesterday. Tomorrow it's back to work!


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24th May, 2010 15:29 (UTC)
Is there an RSS feed for 500 Words? I had a hunt around ZDnet but can't see one.
24th May, 2010 22:06 (UTC)
Alas they haven't managed to set one up yet...
24th May, 2010 19:26 (UTC)
Ginger cookies are for winter only. If I'd known you were going there, I would have given you the shopping list!
26th May, 2010 00:16 (UTC)
give us a standing order and we'll check in whenever we pass the place ;-)
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