Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Top Darth Vader driving jokes

Just ahead, turn to the dark side!
You have ignored my turn instructions for the last time!
I find your lack of driving skills disturbing...
No, Luke; this is your destination!
So old man, we meet again: please enter your destination...
In 500 yards, I will have the penne alla arrabiatta - and a tray

OK, the last one is the Eddie Izzard Chad Vader but if the TomTom Darth Vader navigation voice doesn't use any of those lines I'll be most disappointed! Simon says it's a shame it's not CoPilot because the marketing slogan would be so good (Darth Vader is my copilot). And te Ben Kenobi version would give you
That's no moon! It's a roundabout, take the first exit.
Tags: fun, gps, technology

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