Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Crazy road trip day one: Kentucky is awash

After a lovely weekend visiting with my sister (admiring the new house, stroking the cats, helping her pack for the move, visiting with her friends, hunting high and low for a patio table, eating ice cream and playing the chunk game at Graeters and drinking cognac with her boyfriend) we picked up a rental car in the rain. We have to be in LA next monday and while we considered driving we think we've done the most interesting part of the route and we didn't get any beach time in Florida so we're going to drive back to Fort Lauderdale and take JetBlue to Long Beach.

We're heading for West Virginia and Charleston to pick up the Blue Ridge Highway so we're driving through Kentucky, which is mostly flooded. Streams, creeks and rivers are churning cream or vast brown lakes and rivulets cascade down every slope. No wonder it's green.

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