Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

In which we get to go outside

After a week in the bowels of the hotel - I always joke that we don't go to Orlando, we just go to the Marriot - we escaped. Last night we met an old friend and a former workmate of Simon,s for dinner at BB Kings (which is something of a downmarket House of Blues - the folk art is naïve paintings including one that made Janice Joplin look more like Ozzie Osbourne - and is better for a rockin' night out than a good catchup). And today we walked out into the heat of a beautiful sunny day to fly to Cincinnati to visit my sister for the weekend. As she's busy packing up her old house and renovating the new one, we only have five or six things planned for the weekend - my sister crams more things into her days than anyone else I know. And tomorrow we really must decide what to do next week and where to go...

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