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up up and away

We're actually having two flights of stairs; one full flight of about 8 steps from outside the bathroom to the hall of the loft, and then 3 steps up to the roof terrace. The bathroom door will have to move back about a foot into the bathroom (it'll be a small room so the door will now open outwards!). That means moving the towel radiator so the plumber was in today to cap it off, so they can take it off the wall tomorrow. He was also doing pipes and moving that solitary tank that was sitting in the roof terrace space into a little box in the hall on the wall that will be a big fitted bookcase.

The first staircase arrived; not sure if it came in one big piece or if they assembled it ;-) There is decorative trim on each step edge - they call it scofa beading - and we have the same on our stairs but they're painted so much we'd never noticed! They thumped and banged and sawed and pushed the stairs into place; without the newel post at the top the existing banisters were very wobbly and the new flight pushed them off to the side; they cut those out and replaced them afterwards very neatly, with a nice angle where they meet.

I thought they'd been trotting up and down the stairs but when big Dave asked me up to talk about the 3 steps Mark the plumber claimed he always asks someone else to go up first ;-) V odd climbing stairs with no banister! But it really opens things up and gives a sense of how this will look when they're finished.

The problem with the 3 steps that they didn't go into yesterday is the headroom for the stairs below (the ones we already have, where Simon banged his head on the 4 foot false ceiling. TO avoid this being an ongoing issue, they're going to move the stairs back from the door to the roof terrace - which means we won't come through the door and fall down the steps too. We'll have a small landing right across at terrace level, with banisters around the stairwell. Instead of doing anything fancy with a vertical metal window, the window will be a fixed plate of glass that doesn't open, but the door will - as well as opening like a normal door - pull open at the top on a pivot. so we can open the window without the door being wide open and the cats going out. This is good as Pebbles has already been up the stairs and climbed out onto the flat roof, scaring us half to death with distant plaintive miaows. The space in front of the glass will be small but probably kind of useful ;-)

The roof terrace is not quite the shape I was expecting - more oblong than square. It doesn't go back as far towards the roof end as I thought, but it comes out more towards the roof edge. Very much the size and shape of a double bed; I made a to-scale cardboard bed for my cardboard model and that always fitted neatly onto the roof terrace anyway!

Spent the evening at the Chelsea Flower Show with my nose buried in the roses, scribbling down notes of what I want to fill the terrace with. Am finding it hard to resist a huge handing wicker seat.

When we got back, Simon emptied the top of the wardrobe - this has to be cut away to allow for the soil pipe wending its way out of the house. They can put in the CAT 5 cable for backup connectivity if wireless G doesn't reach the roof terrace at the same time as bringing pipes through the bathroom wall (note to self: what pipes!?!?!?) so I will be popping out to E3 to borrow cables, sockets and crimping tool from friend. In the morning the bathroom will have no door and the bedroom will be full of sawing, drilling men. I suspect I'll have to get up early!

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