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A tablet you can buy now, that does Flash

One of the reasons we went to Barcelona in the first place was to see what Toshiba was launching. There were TVs with Windows 7 logos (they do DLNA so you can send videos from Windwos 7 to your TV screen by right-clicking). There was a laptop with Intel's Wireless Display technology that sends your whole PC screen to a TV with a NETGEAR adapter. There were TVs with built-in YouTube players. There were some shiny new laptops. And then there was the final version of the JOURN.E Touch tablet that we played with when it wasn't ready, looking much easier to use and much more useful. Toshiba's very happy with it: it's half the price of the iPad, does Flash, has expandable memory - in short, they say 'The things the iPad doesn't do, we do'
The tablet-based, pre-iPad, post-iPad future, according to Toshiba


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21st Apr, 2010 14:38 (UTC)
Looks interesting. I don't care much about Flash or HDMI or all that TV nonsense, and being able to plug in a memory card is only of marginal benefit to me (although I note that the Toshiba only has 2GB onboard, so it *needs* memory cards, unlike an iPad). But it's better than an iPad because it's smaller - in the photos it looks roughly paperback sized, which means it'll fit in a pocket so I really can effortlessly carry it everywhere, instead of needing a bag for it like with an iPad.

So so far it comes out ahead of the iPad. The only other things that matter to me are whether it'll sync to my desktop and have lots of applications available. On the latter, we'll just have to wait and see. On the former, I see from Toshiba's website that it runs Windows. So I guess that's a no then. Shame, they almost had a good product there.
21st Apr, 2010 18:14 (UTC)
Windows CE and its own app marketplace (and there are thousands of Win CE apps already)
21st Apr, 2010 20:17 (UTC)
As far as syncing it with my desktop goes, Windows CE is even more of a showstopper than Windows Mobile is - Missing Sync doesn't appear to support CE.
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