Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Don't bother complaining about BA policy; you won't get an answer...

We fly a lot, with a range of different airlines. Given the choice, Virgin, JetBlue and Southwest in that order - but often we don't get to choose, so just about everyone... Today it's British Airways to Barcelona from Heathrow T3, except that the plane is over at T1 and we have to take a bus. And apparently it's BA policy that you can't take your cup of coffee onto the bus. Why? Nobody could tell me. Where is the policy disclosed? There's no sign but when you leave the gate you have the choice of having your coffee confiscated or staying at the gate to gulp it down before the bus leaves (very considerate to the other passengers). Complain to BA said the gate staff, so I did. We've never had anyone complain before, said what BA calls a customer service team, as if that was an answer. I'm complaining I said. Well, they said, with a long-suffering sigh, we'll open a case and here's the reference number. I'm not sure what use that's supposed to be as when I said they could get my contact information from my frequent flyer account they seemed surprised. Oh, we won't *contact* you about the complaint. We'll pass it on to management but we won't get back to you. It's not the world's most important complaint, but it's not the world's best way of handling complaints either. Issues I've raised with Virgin get much better service: explanations if it's something that won't change, changes if it's something that can - it's actual service to actual customers...

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