Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Windows Phone 7 surprises

Marketplace is the only way to get apps on to Windows Phone - and it might not let you load an alternative browser   

How much of Silverlight is on Windows Phone? And why it doesn't have the multi-tasking "hand grenade"...

Catching up on linking the stories we wrote on our recent US conference marathon, I'm still bemused by some of the Windows Phone decisions. OK, Microsoft has only been building Windows Phone for a year and there are some really cool and innovative things; embedding third-party apps in the hubs where the content appears, designing for semi-connected online/offline cloud+local apps, excellent dev tools. But no arbitrary copy and paste, no third-party browsers and no true multi-tasking; it doesn't make it feel like a phone for someone like me and that remains a disappointment.
Tags: articles, microsoft, smartphone, technology, techradar, windows phone, writing

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