Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

IE 9 in pictures: what you get and why Microsoft put it in

IE is never going to use WebKit; get over it. You don't want it to; the fewer browser rendering engines there are, the less innovation we'll see in browsers. (When there were 13+ browsers in the mid 90s there was more development going on than there was when we only had IE and Netscape). What we want is a version of the IE Trident rendering engine that does more, better, faster, more compatibly.

At first I was disappointed by the IE9 preview; I'd wanted a beta I could use as my main browser. After talking through with the IE team what they're doing in IE9 and why, I'm seeing a minimalist wrapper around the Trident engine as a good way of getting to a version of IE that can deliver all of that. Look under the hood and you can see how much the IE team wants to do and how far they've got so far. Here's my tour of the things in IE9 you'll care about, as far as the page engine goes.

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