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drip drip drip

it's been pretty wet today and we don't quite have a roof yet...

you can't put up roof tiles in the pouring rain and it's been wet ever since they took the tiles off; ditto for flaming the coating on a flat roof. So they've been doing the walls and ceilings; the wooden frame on the brick walls at either side with heat and sound insulating wadding in, then plywood on funny angles by the chimney then plasterboard on top; the stud walls have plasterboard on too as does the ceiling, but the back wall and the short wall which will be the cupboards under the eaves aren't done yet. But the drilling and sawing I hear make me think it'll only be a few minutes!

The electrician is here today - we've got about 16 sockets going in (cue amusing misunderstanding as I think they want a power socket to power equipment and offer an extension lead and they keep asking for the nearest socket to spur the new electrics from!). One problem; I want lights in the wall over the bed but it's a sloping wall and then there's how far across will the wardrobe come so we need to think a lot about how to do this or plan to move the bed. I want lights with switches by the bed without trailing wires to get dusty but what can we put on a slope? Still not resolved this one; they're putting in a feed so we can decide on it later.

Went up to look around and puzzle that out and noticed a dripping sound, followed by another dripping sound followed by a drip down the back of my neck from rain working under the tarp. As I moved out of the way and little Dave and big Dave ran around with buckets, the drips followed me; if I stood still for two minutes I got an impromptu shower - including as I was climbing onto the ladder! This isn't a problem, they tell me and when the rain eases off I hear the torch flaming up to burn on the coating on the flat roof to make it waterproof. The membrane on the front continues to be one way; the leaks were them peeling off the tarp to be reading for all the flaming. The sound of rain hammering on the flat roof and Velux windows is quite something ;-) As is the bill for the extra roof work we need to do...

The false ceiling is still up (I wonder occasionally about how they're going to do the real ceiling in the hall!) and Simon expended half a roll of bodge tape putting the pillow back up; I wanted to use staples in the old bodge tape instead. We compromised by him using staples this morning when despite the half roll of bodge tape from yesterday the pillow fell off again ;-) So the top beam is now padded again and yes, it is till just 4 foot off the floor!

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