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once more without roof tiles

We went up to the loft to have a look today; the stud wall frameworks are in place so we can walk around and feel what the room will be like (less the odd inch for trivial stuff like plaster and all. We were deciding where to put the shower (in the corner of the bathroom with the highest headroom - maybe 900 or 1000mm, we need to decide that and whether it's side access or a corner pair of doors); the loo is going in the corner next to it rather than on the wall next to it for the sake of the soil pipe. The sink is going to go on the wall opposite with the towel rail beside the shower; that gives us more room for getting out of the shower, I think, but we need to pick the tray and doors soon to be sure what works best and I might change my mind entirely. The radiator is going under the sash window at the back because we'll probably have the bed at the front by the roof window and we don't want to poach ;-)

The water tank is in the back loft and we'll have a 50 gallon cold tank that actually holds 75 gallons rather than the 25 gallon tank we have now, plus a bigger hot water cylinder with a thermostat that works (and we found out how hot water cylinders work - like a seagull's legs!). With the 3-bar pump rather than the 1.4-bar pump that will give us a 50-gallon shower in 20 minutes ;-) Plus the small tank that does the gravity feed for the radiators will be in the hall rather than the bedroom. I can't remember what we decided about the run of the soil pipe and if we need to box in anything in the hall or old bedroom; we may have left that pending. We're going to either fettle or replace the boiler - I like builders that try not to find extras to charge us for.

Taking off and replacing the front roof is an extra; we had to do that because it was a mess, with concrete flashing that was letting in water and one flashing on the gable turning out to be mastic and plastic, not zinc. They're putting in breathable membrane to keep water out but let the house ventilate and re-using the good slates from both roof pitches (solid Welsh slate not soft Spanish slate).

Another extra is that they have to rebuild the front of the gable because the trim turns out to be old roof tiles and bits of concrete and other rubbish that are coming away in chunks and could easily fall off and hit someone if the huge spider decides to stretch a leg out too far. They're going to do that in wood so it's lighter as well as safer. The brickwork in general is scary, but apparently nothing unusual ;-) The bowing of the roof is much less now they're straightened it up with a car jack and they're going to try and straighten the main roof timber so it matches the new steel beam. At the moment they're nailing on the under-tile felt with compressed air nail guns (whoosh-bang whoosh-bang whoosh-bang) so we have some kind of roof overnight in case it rains, It is currently bright and draughty!

scary phrases:
did you spill any water here? Where? Here at the front? At the front, yeah? Yeah! No!
So exactly where did the scaffold spanner go then?

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