Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Want me to tweet about your clients? Here's a tip

1 Write your press release in English, not marketingspeak; a sentence with the words integrated, align, remediate and optimise isn't a good sign...
2 Don't insult me by writing a canned tweet puffing your clients' product ready for me to pass on; journalists are not geese into which you stuff marketing in order to extract foie gras. If I spot that tweet coming from a colleague I'm not going to think 'ooh, interesting product'; I'm going to know they've turned into your twitterbot. I'm insulted by the idea that I'd do this kind of puff that it's undoing my previously good impression of this agency (and if it's 'not aimed at me' why is it in a press release sent to me?). Depressing thought; are there enough journalists prepared to push out a canned tweet to up their stats to make it worthwhile PRs doing this?
3 Have a good story about a great product. Sorry - it really does still come down to doing a proper job of it.
Tags: rant, social networking, writing

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